About Us

Since 2004, Auro Controls Pvt Ltd has been involved in Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Production of very niche and high end Electrical and Electronic Components. In 2007, Auro Controls Pvt Ltd set up a Production facility in Pune to manufacture very niche, contact type, Reed Switch and Magnet based Liquid Level Switches in Pune.

Today, Auro Controls is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Liquid Level Sensors in India, and for a very good reason, because we are focused on our work, product quality and process control and most importantly to Satisfy our customers. We have developed a vast range of Regular Products while also producing very Reliable and Economical Range of products suitable for customized solutions for our customers.

Our Products can be found in very Low to Zero Tolerance Industries like Medical Equipment, Water Hygiene Solutions, Naval Hard Water Tanks or Railway Transformer Systems. If at Auro Controls we talk of Balance and Efficiency it is because each one of our World Class Level Switch provides an element of Reliability, Balance and Trust.
  • 2007

    Company Incorporation and Factory setup in Pune

  • 2008

    Start production of Nylon and PP Level Switches in India

  • 2010

    CAT Develops Level Switch for the Medical Testing Equipment Market

  • 2013

    Development of First Level Switch in Stainless Steel Material

  • 2019

    Moved to new Plant in Chakan with New Team

  • 2021

    Started several new Projects for Level switches

  • 2022

    Production reaches 2500 Level Switches Per Month achieving Record Sales