Cynergy 3


Four Switch Point Stainless Steel with M16 connection
Internal top mount Level switch. Available in full engineering grade plastic as per application demand Material variations for plastics are Teflon, Nylon, and Polypropylene. Standard mounting is M16 and can changed as per customer request. Customization of level sensor assembly is possible as per application demand. The assembly can be made of single float or multiple float for user specific logic. The level sensor assembly can also configured to multiple switching options. Standard mount is M16 with Nitrile washer.

Versions can be M10 mount with Silicon / Teflon washer as per application demand. Cable is 7/32 Teflon with PVC Sheath Typical application includes Level Sensing in Automotive, Hygiene, & Solenoid/ Motor control.

  • Internal mount
  • Multiple float option
  • Multiple switching
  • Can customized as per application
  • Economical

Application - Level sensing in automotive ,Hygiene & solenoid/ Motor control and many more.
Specifications Description Specifications Description
Mounting style Internal Cable size 7/32 Teflon
Mounting thread M16 Max Temperature 125ÂșC
Float & Stem material PTFE and polypropylene Sealing Gasket Nitrite
Maximum Temperature 5 Bar ( up to 500mm Length Tightening Torque (nut) 2.0 kg/cm
Float SG 0.8 Min Fluid SG 0.8
Specifications Description
Switching Power Max VA 25
Switching Voltage AC Max V 230
Switching Voltage DC Max V 5 to 24
Switching Current Max A 0.5