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Auro controls is appointed as Partner Distributor for Stocko Contact GmbH product range for India, Sri Lanka and UAE.

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Who should we contact for Stocko Parts if our company is based in India/Sri Lanka/ UAE ?
Auro Controls Pvt Ltd (Authorized Distributors for Stocko Contact).
Contact Details: Phone : +91-20-2546 5915, Mobile : +91-9822023850,
Email :  

What are the payment terms?
Payment terms are always against fixed proforma Invoice


What can be the mode of payment?
The mode of payment can be Bank Transfer or Cheque before Delivery


What is the currency to make payments?
Currency of payments is Indian Rupee


What are the usual Lead Times?
The usual Lead Times are between 8-10weeks from confirmed order. In some cases it may change as per the product.


Can we do direct billing with Stocko?
Billing will always go through Auro Controls Pvt Ltd, India for any companies in India, Sri Lanka and UAE. Stocko discourages Direct Billing.


How do you expect to compete price wise with well entrenched giants from China?
There is space for anyone who offers quality. So we are not really worried about competition. In fact, we think the competition has every reason to fear us. Because we've made German precision more affordable. Our successful business model in India over 14 years works in our favor and gives us that extra experience and edge in approaching 


What is the usual quantity we can order?
The least is the Minimum Order Quantity Stocko has set for their parts. All orders have to be of minimum that quantity. The quantity varies per part.


How do we get the material we have ordered?
The material is shipped to your facility after it reaches India, clears customs.