ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified

Auro controls is appointed as Partner Distributor for Stocko Contact GmbH product range for India, Sri Lanka and UAE.

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What are the applications of Otter Controls make bimetal controls, thermal cut outs & connector systems?
The bimetal controls are used as primary as well as secondary protection for domestic appliances. The thermal cutouts are used for protection of DC motors (only). The connector systems are also used in domestic appliances.
Can Otter Controls make thermal cutout be used for protection AC motors?
No, otter thermal cutouts cannot be used for protection of AC motors, as the current drawn by AC motors is much below the sensing range of the thermal cutouts.
What are the specific applications of element protection?
Element protection is specifically used for protection of wiper motors in automobiles.
How is the protection provided in Otter products?
Otter products provide dry boil protection to domestic appliances as well as they have a fuse, which blows off if the other protection system fails.